Welcome in the Circle of Friends of Mieke Mosmuller!

Welcome in the Circle of Friends of Mieke Mosmuller.The purpose of this circle is to make the work of Mieke Mosmuller more known and to support it financially.

Mieke Mosmuller is a physician. Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner she went through a very intensive period of development which led to a realistic spiritual world of experience. In her books and during her lectures and seminars she tells about the path she took and the insights she experienced through that.That experience she wants to share with as many people as possible in order to enable everyone to make this journey. That is what makes her work special.

The testimony of Mieke and Jos Mosmuller, who is publishing her books, is powerful, inspiring and healing. It is important that the continuity of it is being guaranteed. That is why the Circle of Friends has been established.


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  • 02-04-2015 - Het blog van Mieke Mosmuller

    Al geruime tijd heeft Mieke Mosmuller een blog. De onderwerpen zijn uiteenlopend en intrigerend. In haar eerste blog vertelt zij waarom ze heeft besloten om een wekelijkse blog te schrijven. Lees verder..
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